Costa Rica: Restored Forests Breathe Life Into Efforts Against Climate Change

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LA VIRGEN, Costa Rica — Over just a few decades in the mid-20th century, this small country chopped down a majority of its ancient forests. But after a huge conservation push and a wave of forest regrowth, trees now blanket more than half of Costa Rica. Far to the south, the Amazon forest was once being quickly cleared to make way for farming, but Brazil has slowed the loss so much that ... read more

Saving the Colorado River Delta, One Habitat at a Time

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San Luis Río Colorado, Mexico—Hector Patiño leaned against his shovel, taking a break from weeding. The sun beat down on his straw hat. His three friendly dogs flopped down in the shade. Behind Patiño, 45, cottonwood and willow trees formed a dense thicket, interspersed with honey mesquite seedlings and a thick understory of shrubs. Bees swarmed. A crissal thrasher s... read more

India: Unarmed soldiers in Kumaon fight environment degradation

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Almora: The office of Lieutenant Colonel Rohit Mishra, commanding officer of Nanda Devi Company of 130 Ecological Battalion (Territorial Army), Kumaon, is nicely made up of bamboo and woods. Located a few metres from the Sial river, it looks more like a beach cafe than an army office. The river bank is surrounded by a green carpet of trees and saplings of cauliflower, spinach, spices and medici... read more

Initiative to restore 50M acres of degraded Latin American ecosystems by 2020

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A coalition of governments and organizations pledged to restore 20 million hectares (50 million acres) of degraded forests and ecosystems across Latin America by 2020 under an initiative that aims to curb boost rural incomes, fight climate change, and increase agricultural production. The effort is backed by $365 million from five impact investors. December 7, 2014 Click here to read more. read more

A Decade After Asian Tsunami, New Forests Protect the Coast

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The tsunami that struck Indonesia in 2004 obliterated vast areas of Aceh province. But villagers there are using an innovative microcredit scheme to restore mangrove forests and other coastal ecosystems that will serve as a natural barrier against future killer waves and storms. December 4, 2014 Click here to read more. read more

'New normal' approach to conservation comes under fire

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Over the past few years a new conservation approach known as the "novel ecosystems" concept has been slowly gathering steam in science, media, and policy-making circles. Based on pragmatism, it presents itself as a way forward in a world where irreversible ecosystem change is inevitable. It holds that rather than vainly trying to restore disturbed ecosystems back to their original states, we sh... read more

NEW SER Series Title - Project Planning & Management for Ecological Restoration

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By John Rieger, John Stanley, and Ray Traynor Concern over climate change and the ongoing challenges of managing degraded ecosystems have made the field of ecological restoration a growing focus in the agendas of national and international conservation organizations, including the United Nations. The problems facing us are both complex and urgent, and effective solutions are needed. Pro... read more

China – Brazil exchange knowledge on restoration

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SER partnered with IUCN and WRI in in the organization of the Brazil-China Learning Exchange on Forest Landscape Restoration. Last month, experts and leaders from two of the world’s biggest countries and emerging economies met in China to share knowledge on how restoration of degraded lands can be accomplished at large scale. Published November 10, 2014 Click here for more info... read more

Korea launches forest initiative to help countries achieve global biodiversity goals

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To assist countries in achieving the globally-agreed Aichi Biodiversity Targets, the Korea Forest Service launched the Forest Ecosystem Restoration Initiative (FERI) on 14 October 2014, in the margins of the twelfth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP 12) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), being held in Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea, from 6 to 17 October ... read more

SER Seeks Executive Director - Applications Due by Nov. 14

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The Society is seeking applications for the position of Executive Director. The successful candidate will lead the Society in promoting the science and practice of ecological restoration. Primary responsibilities for this position are fundraising, representing the Society to global partners and the public, managing day-to-day operations and supervising a small office staff, and overseeing the S... read more