SER Congratulates Parks Canada for Restoring Ecological Integrity in its National Parks

Posted November 2013 By Society for Ecological Restoration

The Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) would like to congratulate Parks Canada for its world-leading work in establishing and managing protected areas, and particularly for its successes in restoring the ecological integrity of Canada’s national parks. The recent Parks Canada publication, Action on the Ground III is an inspiring testament to what can be achieved through ecological restoration that is based on sound evidence and focused on the achievement of tangible results.  Not only does Parks Canada’s approach ensure the conservation of natural and cultural resources while enhancing visitor experience, it is also deepening connections between people and nature, and building public awareness and support for protected areas and the benefits they deliver. SER members in North America and around the world are sure to learn much from, and be inspired by Parks Canada’s work as they engage with their partners and stakeholders to confront conservation and restoration challenges. 

SER is proud to have partnered with Parks Canada, the IUCN, and the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity to develop international best practice guidelines for ecological restoration of protected areas. The Action on the Ground III publication provides many excellent examples of the implementation of this guidance framework in Canada.  SER looks forward to continuing to work with Parks Canada and other partners globally as this leading approach to ecological restoration is implemented inside and outside protected areas around the world. Parks Canada should be justifiably proud of its conservation and restoration leadership internationally and, even more, for its success in achieving tangible results for Canadians through action on the ground.