Parks Canada

SER and Parks Canada have a history of collaboration on issues related to ecological restoration in protected areas. In 2008, Parks Canada and the Canadian Parks Council, in partnership with SER and others, published its Principles and Guidelines for Ecological Restoration in Canada's Protected Natural Areas which is now used by governments and protected areas agencies around the world. From 2008-2012, Parks Canada and SER led an IUCN WCPA Task Force on Ecological Restoration in order to produce a Best Practice Guideline on Ecological Restoration for Protected Areas that was released at the IUCN’s World Conservation Congress in 2012. The Task Force has 23 members representing over a dozen countries. The best practice approach agreed to in 2008 was modeled on the Canadian guidelines.

Principles and Guidelines for Ecological Restoration in Canada's Protected Natural Areas

Principles and Guidelines for Ecological Restoration in Canada’s Protected Areas is the first-ever Canada-wide guidance for ecological restoration practices. This publication is the result of collaboration among experts and managers from Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial parks and protected areas agencies, Canadian and international universities, the US National Park Service, the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER), and SER’s Indigenous Peoples Restoration Network Working Group. The document was developed to guide policy-makers and practitioners in their efforts to improve ecological integrity in parks and other protected natural areas. Restoration of ecological integrity is the over-arching goal of ecological restoration, but it also includes the meaningful engagement of partners, stakeholders, communities, general public, and visitors. It provides a practical framework for making consistent, credible, and informed decisions about ecological restoration. The accompanying case studies demonstrate best practices in the application of these principles, guidelines, and implementation framework.

Available in English, French and Spanish