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Since 1987, The Society for Ecological Restoration has dedicated itself to reversing the degradation caused by centuries of unsustainable activities. The Society’s more than 2400 members includes scientists, engineers, planners, program managers, policy makers, landscape architects, students and community advocates representing the public, private, and non-profit sectors. This global network of professionals promotes ecological restoration as a means of sustaining the diversity of life on Earth and re-establishing an ecologically healthy relationship between nature and culture. When you join the SER you become part of this global community and contribute to the Society’s efforts to lead the way in healing our planet.

Member Benefits
No matter where you are in your career, from just taking your training wheels off to senior scientist, we encourage you to engage with SER. You will absolutely gain more than you give. Benefits of being an SER member include:
Member Dues

SER member dues are paid annually on the anniversary of the day you joined.  Choose the membership category that is right for you (dues are in US dollars).  As a member of SER you also have the option of joining a Chapter and/or Thematic Section.  Learn more about Chapters and Sections here.

Individual Membership
Individual membership is available for restoration professionals, students, volunteers and people who have a passion for restoration ecology.
      Individual                                                      $50
      Individual/Low Income*  $20
      Student  $20
      Student/Low Income*  $10

Group Memberships
A group membership is an ideal way for your business, government agency or other organization to involve your employees with SER.  You can sign up to five of your employees or volunteers for SER Membership.
      Organization (includes 5 memberships)              $200
      Additional Memberships  $40
      Organization/Low Income*  $100
      Additional Memberships/Low Income*  $20

For academic institutions or students interested in a group membership, visit our
Student Association page and discover the benefits of establishing an SER Student Association program. Our student association program does not put a limit on the number of students you can to enroll.
      Student Association                                        $160
      Student Association/Low Income*  $130

 *Low income rates are available to members based in a country classified as Low-income, Lower-middle-income and Upper-middle-income by the World Bank (click here for country listing).

If you prefer to mail us your membership, you can download the form here.