• Ecological restoration is practiced in all regions of the world, with local actions having regional and global benefits for nature and peopl... read more
  • Ecological restoration is an inclusive process that embraces interrelationships between nature and culture and engages local and indigenous ... read more
  • Ecological restoration requires the integration of science and other forms of knowledge with practice.  (photo: Christiana Ferris/TNC)... read more
  • Ecological restoration connects people with nature, fosters sustainable socioeconomic development, and improves human health and well-being.... read more
  • Ecological restoration is essential for achieving biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation, and ecosystem service provisioning.&... read more


Across the globe, centuries of unsustainable activities have damaged the aquatic, marine, and terrestrial environments that underpin our economies and societies and give rise to a diversity of wildlife and plants. SER is dedicated to reversing this degradation and restoring the earth’s ecological balance for the benefit of humans and nature. read more

SER2015 World Conference - Abstracts Due February 28th!... read more

SER2015 Call for Proposals Extended until January 9, 2015... read more

NEW SER Series Title - Project Planning & Management for Ecological Restoration... read more

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Costa Rica: Restored Forests Breathe Life Into Efforts Against Climate Change...read more

Saving the Colorado River Delta, One Habitat at a Time...read more

India: Unarmed soldiers in Kumaon fight environment degradation...read more

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2016 IUCN World Conservation Congress... read more

SER Western Canada - GOERT Conference... read more

SER2015 6th World Conference on Ecological Restoration... read more

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Restoration Ecology Journal... read more

Ecological Restoration Journal... read more

Ecological Management & Restoration... read more

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Restoration Project Showcase

Buffelsdraai Landfill Site Community Reforestation Project... read more

Sphagnum Farming in Canada - Producing Peat Moss Biomass Sustainably... read more

Minerotrophic Peatland (fen) Restoration – Experimental Site of Bic – Saint-Fabien, Quebec, Canada... read more

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