Wetlands Permitting


May 08, 2014 - May 08, 2014


Austin, TX




This 1-day course provides participants with a general overview of the development of Federal and State environmental laws and agency guidance, as well as recent changes to laws and policies. Attendees will review key terms that will help determine jurisdictional limits or exemptions to permitting, and will be introduced to the various aquatic resource permits that may be used for various site development projects. Time will also be spent discussing the documents or field studies that may be required, permit or review requests forms, the permit review process and time lines, as well as when to start coordination with the agency(s), how to get preliminary feedback on the project, and how to prepare a submittal package for a complex land development or use projects. Obtaining permits for such projects as residential, commercial, right-of-way, docks, piers, and pipeline developments that impact freshwater (wetlands, streams, lakes, rivers, ponds) or marine (estuaries and other salt water areas) ecosystems is a complex process that will involve several agencies, each with their own specific requirements and varying timelines. Often, five or more agencies are involved and may include Federal, State, and local jurisdictions. Therefore understanding Federal and State laws and how multiple agencies interact are fundamental requirements for being able to effectively manage wetlands/aquatics projects through the permit process.