Tidal Marsh Restoration: A Traveling Course from Rhode Island to Maine


July 21, 2014 - July 27, 2014


Rhode Island to Maine


The Eagle Hill Institue


The course will be presented in a travel format that will include lecture, discussion, and field excursions. The class will begin in Providence, RI and terminate at Eagle Hill, Steuben, Maine. Each day will include visiting at least one field site highlighted in the book, Tidal Marsh Restoration (Roman and Burdick, eds., 2012). Field sites will be selected based on travel logistics and availability of chapter authors to meet with the class. The class will also monitor one metric common among all the sites to assist in project evaluations. Additional advanced monitoring techniques will be demonstrated as appropriate to each site. Case studies will examine hydrologic alterations, invasive species, barriers to upslope migration, and fish and wildlife habitat value. A substantial portion of most days will be spent in the field. Due to the nature of the course itinerary, the schedule will be followed rain or shine. Lecture material will rely heavily on Tidal Marsh Restoration but also will include a basic review of salt marsh ecology, hydrology, chemistry and wildlife. Upon arriving at Eagle Hill on Friday evening, students will be assigned a “restoration challenge.” They then will design a detailed restoration and monitoring plan to be presented to the class on Saturday evening.