Stormwater Management for Engineers


October 02, 2013 - October 04, 2013


New Brunswick, NJ


Managing stormwater runoff is becoming more complex every day. In order to comply with New Jersey's highly comprehensive stormwater management rules or the rules established in any other state, all types of professionals from engineers to project reviewers, developers and environmental planners need to acquire broader knowledge and new skills. This three-day course, led by Joseph Skupien (an expert with more than 25 years of NJ stormwater experience), is designed to address these needs by presenting the most pertinent and up-to-date information on the scientific and regulatory aspects of stormwater management. Specific topics will include: - An overview of New Jersey's Stormwater Management Rules, including groundwater recharge and stormwater quality requirements; - The evaluation, selection and design of appropriate stormwater management practices and facilities; - The design of groundwater recharge facilities using the NJDEP's Groundwater Recharge Spreadsheet; - Methodologies to address the NJDEP's stormwater quality requirements; - Computation of runoff volumes, rates, and hydrography using NRCS methodologies (including TR-55); - How to incorporate maintenance, safety, and aesthetic considerations into facility design and, - The design and evaluation of nonstructural stormwater measures using New Jersey's Non-structural Points System (NSPS). This class will help you no matter where you live and work! Although there is an emphasis on NJ's stormwater rules -- some of the most comprehensive in the nation -- attendees from any state will learn to better manage stormwater in their hometown.