SER2013 Training Course: Application of Quality Control Principles for Ecological Restoration


October 6, 2013


Madison, Wisconsin


Society for Ecological Restoration (SER)


Application of Quality Control Principles for Ecological Restoration 

Course Leaders: Louis Blume, US Environmental Protection Agency; Craig Palmer, Computer Sciences Corporation
Venue: The Pyle Center
Cost: $125

The purpose of this training course is to provide ecological restoration professionals with information and tools to help them improve the quality of their projects during planning, implementation, and assessment activities. The course consists of four sessions addressing the following topics: 1) establishing quality objectives, 2) achieving quality objectives, 3) evaluating data quality, and 4) incorporating quality principles into adaptive management. Each training session will begin with an explanation of quality principles and how they apply to ecological restoration activities. Examples and tools will be provided from various restoration projects conducted in different regions of the United States. Participants will then work in groups to address real- life case studies where they can apply the principles learned. A class discussion will follow to summarize the concepts learned before continuing to the next topic. This workshop has been developed by the Interagency Habitat Restoration and Invasive Species Control Quality Committee composed of restoration professionals with quality assurance expertise from six federal agencies. Development and preparation of workshop materials is provided through the support of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.