14th Annual International Agroecology Shortcourse


July 7-20, 2013


Burlington, Vermont


Community Agroecology Network


14th Annual International Agroecology Shortcourse:
Agroecological Approaches for Climate Change and Food Systems Resilience

July 7-20, 2013

Burlington, Vermont

What is agriculture’s role in contributing to climate change? What are opportunities within agriculture to mitigate or adapt to a changing climate? When we talk about agriculture, do we mean smallholder farmers, industrial agriculture, or both? The theme of the 14th Annual International Agroecology Shortcourse is the application of agroecological approaches to support resilience to climate change and promote robust, sustainable food systems. Farmers are constantly innovating in their daily practice, and much can be learned by identifying and analyzing existing agricultural management strategies that have the potential to adapt to and/or mitigate climate changes. By integrating ecological and social sciences with farmers' knowledge, agroecologists believe it is possible to both design and manage more sustainable agri-food systems and address global environmental change. This year’s setting in Vermont will allow participants to learn about one of the strongest locally-based food systems in the United States, while observing case studies of various approaches to responding to the effects and threats of a changing climate. We will also learn from similar models of action from around the world.

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Details for the Shortcourse will be updated on www.agroecology.org and www.uvm.edu/~agroecol

For additional information please contact: Martha Caswell, Course Coordinator at: [email protected]