Bethanie Walder

Executive Director

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Bethanie Walder joined the Society for Ecological Restoration as Executive Director in September 2015 and has more than 20 years experience in environmental conservation, restoration and education.

Prior to joining the SER, Bethanie served as the Executive Director of Wildlands CPR, where she oversaw several highly successful conservation and restoration campaigns, including a program that has secured more than $400 million in U.S. Congressional appropriations for watershed restoration on national forest lands. Bethanie also worked as an organizational development, strategic planning and natural resources management consultant. She has led workshops and given lectures and presentations on ecological restoration and conservation at conferences, seminars and universities across the United States and in Canada, Ireland and Brazil. She was a founding member of several coalitions and non-governmental organizations including Women’s Voices for the Earth and the Washington Watershed Restoration Initiative. Bethanie also served on numerous Boards of Directors and Steering Committees including her current positions on the boards of the Missoula Community Foundation and Writing Coaches of Missoula.

Bethanie has an undergraduate degree in Political Science and International Studies from Duke University and a Master's of Science in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana. She lives, works and plays in Missoula, Montana

Marguerite Nutter

Membership & Communications Director

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Marguerite Nutter is the Membership and Communications Director of the Society for Ecological Restoration where she is responsible for the relationship between the SER’s members and chapter and oversees the organization’s communications including SERNews, the bimonthly newsletter, social media and other external communications.

Marguerite joined the SER in August 2015 and has more than 20 years experience in member relations and communications.  She came to the SER from National Public Radio where she was the liaison to the organization’s member stations in the top 25 media markets and worked on collaborative projects between stations and the network.  She also worked at several public radio stations where she led various fundraising initiatives.

She has an MA in Theatre Arts from the Ohio State University and a BA in Communications from Indiana University.  Her interest in restoration ecology started, literally, in her own back yard when she decided she wanted to introduce plants native to the DC area into her garden to attract butterflies and bees.

Levi Wickwire

Program Manager

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As Program Manager, Levi works in a number of different capacities to help develop the Society's programs and activities. In addition to building and maintaining the Global Restoration Network, serving as editor of the quarterly newsletter SERNews and conducting public outreach, he plays an integral role in planning and organizing the Society's biannual World Conference on Ecological Restoration. A fluent Spanish speaker, he has been instrumental in helping SER expand its presence in Latin America by translating a variety of restoration-related materials and fostering collaborative relationships with practitioners throughout the region.

His interest in ecology arose out of studies in anthropology at Northern Arizona University, where he discovered an enduring fascination with ethnobotany and traditional ecological knowledge. Subsequent travels in Latin America and exposure to rural livelihoods only served to deepen this interest, and SER has afforded him an invaluable opportunity to broaden his base of knowledge and contribute something tangible to efforts aimed at safeguarding biodiversity and fostering sustainable relationships between humans and their natural surroundings.

Hannah Boone

Program Assistant

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As Program Assistant, Hannah's efforts support the Society's ongoing membership, communications, and World Conferences programs. A lifelong passion for the natural world and concern for the environment led Hannah to pursue a degree in Natural Resources from Cornell University in New York. Her studies, semester abroad, and internships examined resource management and the human-environment dynamic, with a particular interest in applying those concepts at the international level. Upon graduation in 2013, Hannah spent a year in southeastern Utah as an AmeriCorps VISTA member where she worked at the Canyonlands Field Institute, a local non-profit, to increase opportunities in environmental education for Utah’s rural youth. Hannah is excited to contribute her background in non-profit work and environmental management to SER's mission.