Committees & Working Groups

SER Committees, Working Groups, and Ad-Hoc Committees play a crucial role in guiding the Society’s mission and activities. Committees and Working Groups may be established or disestablished by the resolution of the Board. The Board Chair shall act as ex-officio on each SER committee and the Executive Director shall act as the ex-officio on each SER Working Group. Ad-hoc Committees are formed by the Board of Directors for specific initiatives.


Executive Committee
The Executive Committee consists of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and any other Directors appointed by the Board. The committee acts on behalf of the Board when the Board is not in session.

Board Development Committee
The Board Development Committee oversees Board nominations, Board orientation and training, Board member evaluation and organizational assessment, recognition and awards for Board service, and strategic planning and Board retreats.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee provides oversight of the budget and financial accounts of the Society and, through the Treasurer, informs the Board of the status of investments and budget needs and actuals. The Finance committee contributes to the review of the annual budget developed by the Society, quarterly finance reports, and investment plans. 

Science & Policy Committee
The Science and Policy Committee shall develop and consider policy and scientific matters of direct relevance to the mission of the Society and advancing the theory and practice of ecological restoration. The Science and Policy Committee has made minutes from its meeting available. Click below to view the SPC meeting minutes from the past year:

Working Groups

Awards Working Group
The Awards Working Group shall be responsible for the Society’s awards program, including nominations, evaluations, selection of recipient, and presentations. Prior to the presentation of any award, the Awards Working Group will obtain, through the Executive Director, authorization from the Board or the Executive Committee of the Board.

Chapter Relations Working Group
The Chapter Relations Working Group is responsible for facilitating the exchange of information among SER Chapters and the SER Board of Directors and making recommendations for serving the needs of members and chapters. This Working Group shall also foster chapter development and creation of new chapters.

Communications Working Group
The Communications Working Group is responsible for facilitating collaboration and an exchange of ecological restoration information among internal (i.e. SER chapters, guilds, and members) and with external audiences. Where overlap occurs with other Committees (Science and Policy) and Working Groups, the CWG will coordinate with respective Chairs to prevent duplication of and/or divergent efforts.

Conference Working Group
The Conference Working Group is responsible for oversight of regular and any other major conferences, including dates, venue, appointment of conference directors, and assurance that local arrangements and the program are satisfactory.

Development Working Group
The Development Working Group leads the Board’s participation in the development of the long-term financial stability for The Society for Ecological Restoration through fundraising.  This includes, but is not limited to, individual donor management, sponsorships and grant writing. Membership is composed of board and non-board members. The Development Working Group has basic responsibility for overseeing and advising on the organization’s fundraising activities.

Membership Working Group
The Membership Working Group is responsible for recommending strategies for increasing membership to the Board. Where overlap occurs with other Working Groups, the Membership Working Group will coordinate with respective Chairs to prevent duplication of and/or divergent efforts.

Publications Working Group
The Publications Working Group is responsible for ensuring the quality of the publications of the Society.

Student Relations Working Group
The Student Relations Working Group is responsible for promoting the needs of SER's student members within the Society. The Working Group is also responsible for building and strengthening SER's Student Association program and it's members. 

Ad-Hoc Committees 

Strategic Planning Ad-Hoc Committee
The Ad-Hoc Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for the development to SER's next strategic plan.

Practitioner Certification Ad-Hoc Committee
The Ad-Hoc Practitioner Certification Committee is responsible for any items related to the potential development of an SER certification program.